As a development of the volunteering scheme at the community hub a volunteer rewards system called Time Builders is to be initiated.

Get Rewarded

Volunteers will be rewarded for their work with a Time Credit Scheme Earned every hour you contribute to a Community Hub Project.

Add Value

Time Credits have value and they can be spent on rewards that come from surplus capacity within the community.




Contact us or Become a partner

We are always looking to establish professional partnerships that contribute to our time-credit economy.   If you have surplus tickets, spare goods or services, or down-time that needs filling contact us

Time Credits - Volunteering with a Difference

TimeBuilders makes it easy to use your passions, skills, knowledge, and time to make a difference to the lives of others. 


We have flexible opportunities and roles for everyone, even if you

can only spare a few hours.



Time credits are earned for every hour someone contributes to a Timebuilder project.


Projects focus on important work that needs to be done. There is value in connecting people to a cause they are passionate about.


Time Credits have value because they can be spent on rewards that come from surplus capacity within the community.


Timebuilders aims to change the lives of people who experience social disadvantage, loneliness, poverty, unemployment and mental illness. Timebuilders gives the opportunity to feel needed and useful by making a contribution.


Community Hubs provide a focal point and facilities to foster greater local community activity and bring residents, the local business community, and smaller organisations together to improve the quality of life in their areas.

Rugby Communty Hub - a Community Interest Company (CIC)



Rugby Community Hub

Rugby Methodist Church Centre,

Russelsheim Way
CV22 7TB

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T: 07541 754209

E: timebuildersrugby@gmail.com